Our associate company has the know-how in water purification systems to generate PW, WFI and pure steam involving ULTRAFILTRATION, REVERSE OSMOSIS, ELECTRODEIONIZATION, UV GENERATOR, OZONE GENERATOR, DISTILLERS and other. Our consortium is equipped to supply purification systems with quality and safety. We pay special attention to Project Management. Both AIWS and ACQUA have one person responsible for a particular project each and teams work in full cooperation. The AIWS team is involved in basic engineering, commissioning, qualifying and training people in a particular unit. The skid of the purified water production is projected according to the Client’s needs and is fully automated using PLCs, IHMs, SUPERVISORY SYSTEMs, conductivity/ TOC/ pH/ ORP/ Flow/ Level/ etc. instrumentation designed by ACQUA in accordance with Users Specifications. The automated system controls production, storage and distribution and operates in an integrated manner and to potentiate the application programs by ACQUA.


 filtros-auto-limpantes  abrandadores-com-valvulas-automaticas sistema-de-dosagem-de-produtos-quimicos  monitor-de-dureza  SETOR-DE-edi-ELETRODEIONIZACAO  setor-de-osmose-reversa-com-bomba-grundfoss