Planning of industrial facilities or of the commercial business venture. Waters Key Plan.

Automation Key Plan.

A facilities Project with a process P&ID, instrumentation control loop sheets, detailed plot plans and functional panel wiring diagrams. Implementation of improvements by rearranging distribution and water treatment in special sectors according to the real needs of consumers.

Implementation of process measurements and utilities according to the needs of the factory.  


- Planning, coordination and execution of the enterprise.

- Turn-key supplies in a consortium basis.

- Basic electric Project and installation of lighting system, power and logic.  Our strengths are as follows:

- Our solutions are based on basic and detailed engineering and we work with competent professionals that have years of experience in what they do and are very keen to satisfy customer’s needs.  

– We look for alternative solutions with high technical quality, best prices and deadlines that meet the real needs of Clients by taking into consideration the estimated useful life of the systems that have been offered and future growth / updating.   - We coordinate all Project activities, installations, onsets as well as other needs with outsourced companies through a single interface and function as an outsourced engineering department.