Rack LCD Series

Disinfection units of Rack LCD Series cover the treated water flow-rate from 6 to 40 m3/h.
Composed by one UV chamber with more lamps these systems guarantee a very good disinfection level. The compact RACK LCD panels are able to satisfy all the requirements.

Equipment suitable for small/medium users, planned in order to:

Carry out the installation operations in a simple a quick way

Carry out the normal servicing (change of lamps and cleaning of quartz sleeves) without using any tools


The ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANELS OF RACK LCD SERIES have been supplied with a microprocessor which, besides carrying out the starting of the system, continually controls its conditions following some pre-set personalizable parameters. With a compact design and a painted metal material, these control panels fully meet the needs of a technological market.

They are supplied, according to the models, with:

  • LCD diplay
  • hour-meter for the electrical panel lifespan and for the lamp lifespan
  • red led of anomaly
  • free contact NO/NC and 230 V NO/NC outlet
  • constant control of irradiation and temperature inside the UV-C chamber shut down in case of high temperature * visual alarm to identify problems * temperature and irradiation monitoring with pre-established alarm bounds * bulb potency regulation